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5 Tips for Keeping Brand Love Alive

Photo by Brett Jordan

Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows that the heat and intensity of new love don't last forever. More seasoned love, however, has even deeper rewards. This is true for brands too. While the romantic chase of attracting new customers may get more attention, it’s up to six times more expensive to start a new customer relationship than to sustain ones you already have! Here are five tips for making your customer relationships last.

Tip 1: Make time to listen.

For a brand relationship to flourish, the customer needs to feel heard. Make sure there are lots of ways for your customers to interact with you, especially on social media. Actively monitor your social channels, and don’t forget to ask your customers how they feel! Do periodic satisfaction surveys and, wherever possible, incorporate customer review capabilities. And of course, take immediate action on any concerns you come across.

Tip 2: Be aware of changing needs.

One reason relationships drift apart is that one partner stops paying attention to how the other is growing and changing. Make sure you understand how your customers are using your products and services and how your brand fits in with their lifestyles. Monitor for changes in engagement, and don’t be afraid to ask what else they might want or need to reflect who they are or how they live.

Tip 3: Actively show your appreciation.

Loyalty programs are only one way of showing appreciation, but there’s no single reward that suits all. Consider segmenting your customer base to understand what your customers value most. Do they respond well to rebates, or do they like to accumulate and spend loyalty points? Is exclusive access more compelling than offers? Have you created a reward system that values long-term engagement? Personalization and recognition can make a difference in keeping the relationship healthy.

Tip 4: Don’t take love for granted.

You may have been your customer’s go-to brand for years, but there are always other fish in the sea. Use what you know about your customers to offer a more personalized experience. If you’ve been together a while, you should already know how and when they like to communicate and where they go to find your products and services. Build intimacy so that you can offer something the other fish can’t.

Tip 5: Imagine your future together.

One of the things that holds couples together is that they count on their partner being at their side for the duration. Financial institutions are usually good at showing how they’re relevant across life stages. Technology companies often highlight upgrade compatibility so buyers have confidence that what they buy is future proof. Whatever your product or service, there are always opportunities to create the future with customers. Brands can create consumer advisory boards or periodically conduct research on desired features. Active social listening can also reveal desired features or enhancements that will keep you relevant year after year.

Enjoy the benefits of brand relationships that last.

Investments in these long-term tactics pay off because brands that show they actively care are rewarded with higher loyalty, increased advocacy, and major savings—not to mention the fuzzy feeling you get knowing that what you provide is loved and shared and makes life sweeter.