Personalizing an Omni-Channel DM Campaign


The Challenge

Tauck Travel, an operator of guided tours all over the world, came to DCG ONE for help with a campaign designed to leverage Informed Delivery as part of an integrated multi-touch DM campaign. Tauck Travel wanted to supercharge its direct mail and direct response programs by adding personalization and multi-channel direct response options, such as Personalized URLs (PURLs), Personalized QR codes (PQRs) and Personalized Informed Delivery. 

The Solution

We knew personalized response channels within direct mail campaigns can increase response rates and provide data analytics and re-targeting possibilities never before available. Everything a respondent does is tracked, even if they don’t complete the desired call to action.

This campaign leveraged Informed Delivery from the USPS and featured a QR code leading to a personalized landing page with measurable CTAs.


The Results

  • Increase response rates by 3 – 5x
  • Improved visibility
  • Improve campaign analytics
  • Increased engagement
  • Create marketing automation touchpoints
  • Reduced postage costs w/USPS promotional discounts

Like to hear more?

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