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DCG ONE Launches Refreshed Brand

Photo by Caryn Sandoval

2022 was a busy acquisition year for DCG ONE. In January, the company I co-founded, The Garrigan Lyman Group (GLG), joined the agency team at DCG ONE. Then in the fall, DCG ONE joined forces with Corporate Communications Group (CCG), out of Maryland, giving us a fabulous East Coast team and facility, led by Michael Marcian, now GM of our East Coast Region.

So with all the new capabilities, incredible geographical diversity, a terrific bunch of clients brought to the family – how are we going to tell the DCG ONE story? Even before 2022, the DCG ONE team was feeling like we needed a better way to communicate everything we could offer to customers. But now our growth had gone into overdrive. So what’s the story?

Enter the agency brand team. Taking the senior leadership through our proven brand strategy process, including research, interviews, workshop exercises, positioning and personality creation, the brand team understood that we’d want to stay true to our manufacturing roots while embracing a vision for the future. They were up for the challenge, and they went to work. You can read our brand story on the About tab of our new website, but here is my favorite part….

Yes, we’re a strategic marketing services and solutions company. But look deeper, and we’re something magical. We’re solutioneers. We’re alchemists. We’re left-brain, right-brain, whole-idea doers who finesse the smallest detail with the big picture in mind.

Solutioneers. Alchemists. Thank you to Shya Scanlon, the agency’s brilliant Director of Creative Strategy for those words. We are problem-solvers who figure out your gnarly marketing challenges, be it your martech stack, the right mailing solution to optimize your spend, brand architecture for go-to-market, or the perfect merchandise choice. Alchemy is delivered by the magic of print on paper from the layering of the dots of CMYK, all the way to the ordering portals that make distribution and inventory easy, and to the creation of digital experiences, structural design, and virtual retail tours. The new brand’s visual expression speaks to all these disciplines coming together, the sum of many parts working in unison to deliver your success. Elegant alchemy.

From a brand architecture viewpoint, we also had an issue. How do we talk about the agency here at DCG ONE? It is part of the whole solution, but does it have its own name? How do we attract the great talent we need to deliver on our creative experience promise? The solution: The Agency at DCG ONE, and visually, agency to the power of DCG ONE. The Agency at DCG ONE is a branded differentiator for us, the force that holds whole ideas together.

When big ideas, bold creative, and brilliant delivery converge, business thrives. DCG ONE is a marketing, technology, and print production powerhouse that helps companies expand opportunities, drive customer and employee engagement at every touchpoint, and blow past their business goals. But to get results like that, you have to go beyond just being noticed. Beyond making something beautiful. Beyond using the best technology. You have to combine all these into a smart, seamless strategic approach led by people fiercely dedicated to push what’s possible. At DCG ONE, that’s the whole idea.