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Large Format Making Office Returns More Engaging

How can we make large format printing better? The obvious answer is to create better quality printing and processes for production. At DCG ONE, while we strive for continuous improvement on processes in production and project management, we also recognize how we can be most helpful to our customers. We are here to support the return of employees to the office, provide a breadth of services and solutions, and source materials to be mindful of the environment.  

We are seeing a big trend to make office spaces more inviting for their returning workers. Our clients are rebranding their spaces to better serve their employees re-entering the physical workspace again. For example, in Puget Sound Energy’s headquarters in Bellevue, WA, adding vibrant large-format artwork to their office made the space more engaging and conducive to collaboration. Privacy graphics on conference room glass reduce the fishbowl effect while still allowing in the light.  

At DCG ONE, we offer a cohesive team that can assist you from concept to installation. By leveraging our full-service options, we can support you with the full spectrum of large format signage such as retail displays and fleet graphics, all the way to conceptual design and digital strategies for your brand. 

Offering material substrates that are not only perfect for the application but also are earth friendly is important to all of us. There are more and more environmentally responsible signage solutions available for us to utilize--just about every type of sign material can be sourced with an eco-friendly alternative. With our extensive supplier’s network, who have the same initiatives, these materials are available to us and to YOU! 

What binds this all together is that we ensure flawless communication and customer service with the initiative to make it happen seamlessly. 

Let us support your back-to-office plan!