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East vs. West: Win or Draw?

As a life-long East Coaster by way of Maryland and Washington, D.C., the first time I went to Seattle was only last year, in January 2023, to visit the West Coast headquarters of DCG ONE. Even on the plane, I was amazed to pass the highest peaks I had ever seen, which I’ve now learned are snow-capped and beautiful pretty much all year round. Seattle, and the West Coast in general, is a very scenic place, and I was immediately hooked. DCG ONE, having locations on both coasts, provided me with the perfect opportunity to live and work in a brand-new location. Moving cross-country might seem daunting to some, but I would encourage anyone to do it if you have the chance! 

Whether moving west to east or in my case, east to west, there are some very interesting differences one is bound to notice. Here are my top five observations: 

  1. There are SO MANY CROWS in Seattle! I had never seen so many crows in my life until I moved here. This was seriously the first difference I noticed when I moved to the West Coast, silly I know, but significant!  
  2. Everyone in Seattle talks about how bad the traffic is, but in my opinion, nothing compares to D.C./Northern Virginia traffic and its aggressive drivers. One of the bigger shocks of moving to Seattle was just how chilled out everyone is behind the wheel. Some days I go an entire 24 hours without hearing even one car honk its horn. This is unheard of on the East Coast. Maybe there is something to the idea that West Coasters are more laid back…
  3. While Washington State’s proximity to countless, awe-inspiring national parks makes for a great natural adventure, you can’t beat Maryland’s proximity to several major cities, including Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston. A different type of adventure awaits in the big cities!  
  4. Everyone thinks there is some kind of competition between Dungeness and Blue crab, but I am here to clear that up. Maryland Blue crab is far superior. No further comment! That being said… Seattle does have some excellent seafood (especially oysters).  
  5. I moved to Seattle in May 2023 just in time for the summer, and I was SO EXCITED to learn that there is virtually no humidity. But I was shocked to find out my condo does not even come with air conditioning, which is apparently normal for the area. What??? Now it’s winter, and I just can’t believe how nervous everyone is when you talk about snow! Really??? 

All friendly ribbing aside, both the West and East Coasts are fantastic places to live and work. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of the culture, people, and resources in different parts of the country. DCG ONE’s bi-coastal locations provided me with the opportunity to make the transition and I couldn’t be more grateful!