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The Graduate, Career Fairs and the Whole Idea

Recalling Dustin Hoffman’s classic movie scene from The Graduate on the daunting set of career choices facing the young Ben Braddock:  

“I want to say one word to you. Just one word…”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are you listening?”

“Yes, I am.”




Now in this instance I want to replace plastics with printing. And it may not be quite what you think.

In February of this year, our General Manager/Director of Sales Brian Anderson and I from DCG ONE attended Cal Poly’s Graphic Communications career fair. In addition to being an excellent university in the stunning San Luis Obispo location, what made this event particularly interesting to DCG ONE is how closely aligned the department of Graphic Communication’s approach to curriculum is to DCG ONE’s overarching business model and customer value proposition.

According to Colleen Twomey, the department chair, Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication (GrC) program “has its roots in printing” – a line DCG ONE literally uses when introducing ourselves – and then expands into other areas such as packaging, UX/UI, and communications management. It teaches students the concept of the integrated approach where all the pieces, whether physical or digital, come together and are all about a purpose.

Scanning its class lists, it’s refreshing seeing courses that range from Offset Printing Technology and Color Management all the way to Front-End Web Development, Packaging Sustainability, and Corporate Communication.

At DCG ONE, with our roots also established in printing, we’ve expanded over the years to include technology and digital solutions, a full-service marketing agency (The Agency at DCG ONE), as well as structural design, packaging, and wide-format printing, as well as a promotional merchandise team. We can create the continuum from strategy, creative through the manufacturing, fulfillment, and delivery of any marketing or service solution that you might need.  At DCG ONE, we call this the whole idea.

And print, from our point of view, can sit right in the middle of the ongoing marketing technology revolution. Print works in concert with digital channels to create omni-channel marketing campaigns that drive the highest ROI.​ That’s why DCG ONE, unlike most traditional print providers, understands that the marketing landscape is changing – and we are investing in both innovative print technologies as well as strategic digital capabilities to support our key clients, whatever the need.​

Now back to plastics printing: while many students have their eye on designing Apple’s next product package or leading the creative on Nike’s next big campaign, Colleen shared that many students end up falling in love with the idea of creating something in print.

At DCG ONE, you can certainly do that, and so much more.  Check out careers on our site at Or give our People Operations team a call at 206.784.6892.