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DCG ONE Podcast Captures the Voices of Expertise.

The Whole Idea by DCG ONE

It’s hard not to be impressed with the level of expertise running DCG ONE and The Agency offices and facilities around the country. As a writer, I’ve got a lot to work with in our broad and contemporary marketing capabilities, not to mention a great set of clients who understand the importance of a well-planned customer journey. Pick a marketing challenge. Pick a touchpoint. We have the resources and talent to find solutions that work for our clients. Arrows, baby.

The DCG ONE Whole Idea Podcast, hosted by yours truly, is our way of sharing and showcasing the subject matter experts who inspire, craft, and support our solutions. From strategy to technology to creativity (the pillars of our Whole Idea thinking), we’ll pick the brains of key leaders at DCG ONE in each of our disciplines. Occasionally, we’ll also showcase some of our amazing partners and clients to capture insight into the important roles they play in each pillar.

As I put questions to each of our guests, I’ll do my best to cut the fluff and get to the point. Together, we’ll learn. With the help of producers Mandy DiCesare and Kelcie Brewer, we’ll launch new episodes of our podcast monthly.

💡You can find us on your favorite podcast platforms or the podcast page on our website.

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