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Client Spotlight: The Seattle Kraken make the NHL Playoffs!

As the saying goes, "good things come to those who plan." This is especially true for projects that require meticulous planning and execution to meet tight deadlines. DCG ONE had the privilege of working with the Kraken, Seattle's newest NHL team, to create stunning window graphics for two buildings in downtown Seattle in celebration of clinching their spot in the NHL Playoffs. 
This opportunity began when Andrea Buckmeier, the VP of Marketing, reached out to us to produce cheer cards for the stadium should the Kraken make the playoffs. DCG ONE took the initiative to enquire if the team needed any event-related signage or banners. This led to discussions about creating murals and expansive window graphics for several buildings in downtown Seattle. 
However, work could not start until the Kraken had locked in their playoff spot. As the Kraken continued to win games, the countdown was on, and the pressure was mounting for DCG ONE to produce and install the graphics on time. This meant that our installers on call and work extended hours on the weekend to meet the deadline.  
The DCG ONE team took measurements of the projected spaces and pre-booked installers in preparation for the project. The material chosen for the graphics was also carefully selected to ensure easy removal without any residue. 

The Kraken team then reviewed and surveyed three locations in the city, and eventually chose two sites: the Old Niketown building and the Westlake Starbucks. Managing communication and coordination between the Kraken, building ownership, Starbucks, and CBRE added another level of complexity to the project. However, with final files for the Starbucks site approved on Thursday the 13th, both locations were fully installed. 

DCG ONE's successful collaboration with the Kraken demonstrates the importance of planning, communication, and coordination in delivering outstanding and situationally responsive solutions. The project was a success due to the exceptional teamwork between DCG ONE, the Kraken, building ownership, Starbucks, and CBRE. The impressive window graphics not only showcase the Kraken's players in vibrant colors but also add to the beauty of downtown Seattle.